WeFulfillIT – Quick Start Guide

  1. Sign Up!!! 
    • Follow the link above and sign up with us! You’ll receive a business to business registration form at the e-mail address you sign up with. Complete that form and scan/send it to our Billing Department or fax it to (419) 720-5780. WeFulfillIT will then activate your account and you’ll then be able to perform all merchant tasks.
  2. Once activated, head over to the MIS and browse around. There won’t be much to see before information has been provided, so move on to step 3!
  3. Before we can handle your products, we need to know what they are and when they’ll get here!
    • Add your Product Information! You’ll use the Product Maintenance page in the MIS to add products. You can do this one-by-one, or if you have a large inventory, upload an inventory file! Download a sample file to use as a template! Review the help page to familiarize yourself with the fields our system uses for warehousing and shipping.
    • After the inventory exists digitally, tell us how it will arrive physically with your first Stock Shipment Alert (SSA)! The fastest way to enter a new SSA is on our new platform, which uses your same credentials. You can of course use the older platform if you prefer. Whichever you choose, you’ll be giving us some basic detail about the shipment and its contents. If you can include the tracking numbers, you’ll find the check-in faces no delays, as we’re able to manage the workload as we monitor shipments. You can check the status of any of your SSAs on the Pre-Shipment Status page in the MIS (filters are at the top center of this viewing page).
  4. Depending on where your products are coming from, you may be able to speed up the check-in process. Here are a few tips for the fastest possible check-in!
    • Ensure all pieces in the shipment use the correct address for our warehouse:
      • Merchant ID # [1234]
      • WeFulfillIT Receiving
      • 5055 Enterprise Blvd.
      • Toledo, Ohio, 43612-3839
    • Pack like/same items together (e.g. sizes, colors, styles, etc.)
    • Have unique barcode labels applied to your products to save time and labor in receiving. We apply barcode labels to all products when there are none already or the barcode is damaged. These don’t necessarily have to be UPC codes, but if your supplier/manufacturer can apply unique barcode values, you can enter these as the “UPC/Alternate Barcode” field in the MIS. The Receiving Department will contact if there is any uncertainty of an item’s identity.
    • For substantial SSAs, divide them into logical chunks, if possible. For example, if you have 10 pallets arriving, and you know what is on each pallet, a separate SSA per pallet allows you a more rapid check-in as well as more manageable chunks (i.e. it’s easier to find a problem among 100 items than with 1000 items). This practice could be applied even at the small package level if your boxes arrive with a multitude of SKUs in each, of course it requires that you know the contents of each box/tracking number.
    • For add’l questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Receiving@WeFulfillIT.co!
  5. After you’ve created the SSA and we’ve received the products, the next step is to start selling! You can enter orders in a variety of ways:
    • Manual order entry in the old platform or new
    • Batch order uploads if waves fit your business processes better (sample file). Please review the guide before use. A single order is a small mistake, a batch file with an error could be a simple mistake repeated many, many times.
    • We can integrate with over 50+ shopping carts and marketplaces through a combination of plugins/apps, in-house custom integrations, and a third-party API provider. Chances are high if you can sell on it, we can integrate with it!

If you have any questions, you may find your answers first in the Help Station. If you are still in the sign-up process, you will either have support from the Sales Department (email). If you’re past that, your next contact would be our Customer Care Department (email / (419) 380-9002), which is appropriate for live-selling merchants.

Department Email Address
Receiving & Inventory Receiving@WeFulfillIT.co
Invoice and Accounting Inquiries BillingQuestions@WeFulfillIT.co
Freight Shipping Freight@WeFulfillIT.co
Returns Returns@WeFulfillIT.co
Customer Service CustomerCare@WeFulfillIT.co
Technical Support CustomerCare2@WeFulfillIT.co
FBA Prep & Services FBAPrep@WeFulfillIT.co
Product Photography Photography@WeFulfillIT.co
Monday-Friday 8AM – 4PM (ET)